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Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid. The body cannot manufacture it, so it must be obtained from food or supplement. It is a precursor to the neurotransmitter norepinephrine and the hormone CCK (cholecystokinin). CCK is the chemical message sent to the brain telling it you are full after eating. Norepinephrine is similar in that it also tends to reduce hunger; but
being an excitatory neurotransmitter it also helps to create positive feelings and a sense of mental energy or alertness. It is also needed by the thyroid gland and blood vessels. A form of phenylalanine, called the DL form, is a potent stimulator of endorphins, naturally produced chemicals in the body that stop the sensation of pain, and create a sense of well being. This form of phenylalanine has been used to allay chronic pain. Click Here to Read the Rest of this Article.

Viva Vitamins Thermo Energy
Data suggests that Hoodia, Coleus, and Green Tea botanicals can reduce appetite and increase energy, promote lipolysis in fat cells (the breakdown of fat), and promote thermogenesis and fat oxidation (burn fat), respectively. Following is a review of these three botanicals and the role that they might play in a healthy weight loss program. Since, currently, Hoodia is probably the most popular of these botanicals for weight loss, and since it has the least amount of published research on it, we'll review it first and with most detail. Click Here to Read the Rest of this Article.

Viva Vitamins Fat Metabolizer
Some people think that lipotropics capacity to emulsify fats means that it can enter the body' fat cells (i.e., adipose tissue), and breakdown the fat therein. This is not the case. Lipotropics cannot enter the fat cells. They may, however, be used as part of a weight loss program by way of a different mechanism. Specifically, lipotropics may assist in the breakdown of both dietary and blood fats into smaller molecules. This is beneficial since the ultimate goal is to break dietary and blood fats into fatty acids. When this happens, it is more likely that the body will use the fatty acids as an energy fuel rather than store the fats in adipose tissue. Click Here to Read the Rest of this Article.








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